MechanixLab provides call Center Services for outsourcing, lead generation and marketing support for in products and services to your organization and brand. Our Call center is set up to handle large volumes of incoming or outgoing telephone calls. Enhance professionalism and increase customer satisfaction with our flexible and affordable communication solutions catered to your large business.

Inbound Call Center in Bangladesh

outbound call center services in Bangladesh

Automation Call Center

Dedicated call Center in Bangladesh

Shared Call Center in Bangladesh

Social Media Management in Bangladesh

Single Agent Call Center

Benefits of MechanixLab Call Center Services:

  • Qualified Operations Team with extensive experience in dedicated contact center management
  • Daily performance tracking and agent productivity report
  • Real-time monitoring of agent activity to identify training and other quality assurance needs
  • Recruitment & Retention , Training & Development, Account Management , Quality Assurance and Enterprise Reporting
  • Low Cost Resource 
  • Best Quality of Services
  • 24/7 Services
  • Single Agent Services
  • Grow your Resource as required

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