MechanixLab Migration and Reengineering services help business to move their infrastructure and applications from legacy platforms to Cloud with modern cutting edge technologies which increase business performance and operation excellence. We help companies adopt disruptive technologies to advance innovation and increase agility.

Our migration and reengineering services include:

Transformation Services

  • Migration assessment: Determine which applications to migrate and deliver as cloud services.
  • Understand the benefits of cloud and identify the applications and Database best suited for Cloud
  • Move workloads, migrate existing applications, and extend on-premise applications to Cloud
  • Convert legacy applications and deploy to Cloud

Platform Migration

  • Legacy to Open Platforms Migration
  • Operating System Migration
  • Migration of application running on older Application Server to new Application server
  • Data Migration

Development Services

  • Custom design, development, integration, and testing of public, private, or hybrid applications in Cloud
  • Deploy or re-deploy packaged applications on Cloud in a public, private, or hybrid model

Management Services

  • End-to-end managed services for applications built on Cloud
  • Robust protection, monitoring, governance, and automation for applications on Cloud

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