Custom Cloud Application Development Service in Bangladesh

Trusted expert for designing & building scalable & robust custom-tailored cloud based applications for startups and enterprises in Bangladesh.

Extremely Secure. 100% Reliable. Cost-Effective Cloud Application Development Service in Bangladesh

Whether you wish to quickly integrate with AWS or build a turnkey live streaming SaaS system that may handle 15,000+ concurrent connections — our best-in-class specialists will deliver on cloud projects of any complexity. allow us to create your cloud software from scratch, painlessly migrate your system into the cloud, similarly as monitor and maintain it round the clock. we offer the most effective Cloud Application Development Service in Bangladesh.

What Makes Us Different

Security Focused Cloud Application Development

We take special care to sensitize our cloud application developers to industry-leading application security practices.

Constantly Updated Cloud Application Developers

Our experienced cloud application developers are constantly upskilled and trained for up to date in server-side languages, databases, and IDEs.

Enterprise Delivery Practices

We follow enterprise-grade best development and coding practices like Continuous Integration, Continuous Deployment, and IFSQ standards.

Agile Processes Focused

We provide rigorous training of best engineering practices and processes like Agile methodology using SCRUM and DevOps.

Building Cloud-Based Apps with us

Take advantage of our expertise in cloud development to induce a microservices-powered cloud application, and leverage all the advantages of cloud computing. We effectively combine the strengths of personal, public, and hybrid clouds to create your future solution secure, flexible, and 100% reliable. Fully control your data, rapidly expand infrastructure with necessary cloud services, enjoy predictable SLAs, and dramatically reduce operational costs.

Start Your Custom Cloud Application Development

Migrating Your Solution to the Cloud

Let our highly-skilled cloud application development professionals migrate your existing system to the cloud — to enjoy its unparalleled scalability, resources, and infrastructure flexibility. Rapidly reply to market changes by procuring additional cupboard space and computational power during a matter of seconds, not days. Cloud migration enables on-the-fly scaling and cargo balancing, true cross-platform availability, and dramatical TCO optimization.

Integrating with Major Cloud Services

Years of close partnership with industry leaders like Amazon and Microsoft perfected our integration expertise around AWS, Azure, and other major IaaS and PaaS solutions. Engage us to attach your software to first-tier cloud services and like advanced reliability and robustness they supply. Utilize virtually unlimited cloud computing resources and powerful applications to perform your most demanding operations rapidly and at a lower cost.

Creating Long-Term Value with Our Cloud Development Services in Bangladesh

We leverage industry-specific expertise and battle-proven know-hows to guide you through each step of cloud application development. a transparent cloud implementation roadmap, robust yet flexible cloud architecture, continuous maintenance, and real-time application support — that’s what you get hiring our team.

Approach us at any stage of your project to let our cloud team rapidly integrate into your development process and begin bringing value straight away.

What comes more with our custom cloud development service in Bangladesh

Cloud Consulting

Let our cloud development specialists assess your project requirements, current infrastructure, and workloads to figure out a full-blown cloud implementation strategy for you. we offer you an acceptable cloud deployment model, microservices integration, TCO optimization plans, KPIs, and more — everything you wish to create a high-performance yet cost-effective solution.

Cloud Infrastructure Management

Engage us to architect a balanced cloud-based solution, perfectly marrying virtualized and on-premises infrastructure with third-party microservices. exploit our custom automation frameworks and DevOps best practices to effectively orchestrate cloud services, maintain comprehensive cloud infrastructure and optimize its performance in real-time.

Cloud Deployment

Need to quickly and seamlessly integrate your existing software with a good range of cloud-hosted microservices? Implementing a highly reliable and very secure cloud app for sensitive data handling? Tap into our team’s profound cloud development expertise and well-honed skills to implement complex public, private, or hybrid cloud deployments with ease.

Cloud Monitoring and Maintenance

Armed with industry-standard monitoring tools and BI-powered analytics, we proactively track and maintain your cloud application to secure its flawless operation — while ensuring performance and availability SLAs. an infatuated team of Tier 2 and three support technicians guard 24/7 to detect any functionality problems, performance bottlenecks, or other cloud challenges — and address them immediately.

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