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Mechanixlab offers you the best HR and payroll management software in Bangladesh that helps you manage your human resource effectively

We are providing robust Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh

Employee management plays an important role in any kind of organization. Especially in manufacturing companies, the importance of getting an Hr & payroll software solution is endless. To facilitate the management of any organization ineffective human resource management, Hr & payroll software solution has no replacement. It also assists the highest management within the salary, attendance & efficiency of the worker to require decision eventually, against or in favor of the worker.

To make our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh as a novel one. we’ve got integrated some modules which makes it the simplest Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh. Some modules of our

Our Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh covers:

  • Employee Management
  • Performance Management
  • Corporate Scoreboard
  • Leave Management Module
  • Attendance Management
  • Holiday Management Module
  • Announcement Section
  • Award Section
  • Bulk attendance report upload facilities
  • Departments of the company section
  • Office Shift management
  • Employee clock in and clock out the system from employee panel
  • Payroll Management Module
  • Expense Section
  • Provident fund management system
  • Salary management
  • Increment management
  • Bonus/allowance management
  • Loan management
  • Attractive user interface
  • Easy to use
  • Database Backup
  • Secured
  • Job Post Section
  • Job Application Section
  • Resume Search
  • Resume Management
  • Interview Management
  • Admin Role Configuration
  • Daily Report section
  • Admin panel for both the HR administrator and Employee
  • Employee activity log system
  • Permission assignment section
  • All report chart
  • User Management
  • Task assignment system for individual employee

Some other features of Mechanixlab’s HR software solution in Bangladesh.

Easy to use

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: Our hr & payroll software in Bangladesh is user-friendly. Considering different levels of user, we avoid complicacy regarding the operation of the software. Considering all the amount of users and for availing the utilization of the software, we use graphical symbols. Just by doing a brief train on our software, and know nothing can use it.

High volume data management capability

Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh: When an organization has a quite big number of employees, they have to store Sufficient information within the database of the software. But many of the software nowadays don’t have ample space to store the high volume of information, although the standard of the software is great. to beat this difficulty, we’ve got concerned over the hr & payroll software in Bangladesh with high data storage capabilities.

Cutting-edge security

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: Security of the data is often a chief concern for any software owner. We deliver our deliverable payroll hr & payroll software in Bangladesh to our customers after having sufficient security measures from all the newest security module to confirm the cutting-edge security of the data of the software so that information can’t be hacked. Our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh is secured.

Hybrid data back-up

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: Data backup may be a burning issue among the owners and also the developers of the software. It creates an enormous snag for the corporate owner when the information is deleted somehow. For the convenience of our customers, we are providing the hybrid data back-up. Data is stored in an exceedingly automatic process likewise as in a manual process. So, incorporating our Hr & payroll software in your business you may be completely tension free about losing your data.

One-stop solution

Hr software solution in Bangladesh: We always at a service to our customers to satisfy them by any means. we offer the one-stop solution to our customers which suggests that customers can get everything from the suggestion of making an HR and payroll software solution to after delivery services. except for HR and payroll software in Bangladesh, you’ll be able to get every type of IT support from us.

Fast implementation

Hr software in Bangladesh: Companies can start their activities with the software as soon because of the software development firm handovers the software. We always work that specializes in the deadline and also the quality of the software, irrespective of what style of software we are creating.

Compliance report

Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh: Over time, fair wage, office time, etc. are the components of social compliance. By our software, you’ll be able to get the direct report of the compliance and submit it to your buyer. it’ll automate and make your working procedure easier.

Fast support

Hr software in Bangladesh: it’s already been said that we are always at the service of our customers. we offer 24/7 service to our customers and respond immediately at any critical issue. IF any critical problem occurs in our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh, our expert team dives into the matter and brings out the answer immediately.

Offline and online operation

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: the web can’t be available in any respect places and every one time, but web application that runs on the web is far better than desktop application and simple to use. Considering these two opposite problems, we create both online and offline based HR software solutions.

Competing cost

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: Sometimes many software development firms offer inconceivable prices. But we always offer a practical price as we are an expert software development firm in Bangladesh. Our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh is additionally much affordable for tiny and medium enterprises.

Any style of customization

Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh: Being the provider of best HR software in Bangladesh, we are capable of doing any style of unique customization that you simply need for your business. a number of our clients need some customization to our existing HR software for obtaining the most effective advantage of using HR and payroll software in Bangladesh. Our dedicated programmers are having the potential to make every type of unique feature which you would like to raised manage your Human resource.

Security of our Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh

Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh: There are plenty of Hr and payroll software service providers in Bangladesh. But we differentiate our self from others by our service, flexibility to use our Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh and our security. Our HR and payroll software is safer than other HR and Payroll software as we offer some cutting-edge safety features. a number of these are given:

  • Application Architecture.
  • Data Encryption
  • User Authentication
  • Internal system security
  • Operating system security
  • Server management security

Server requirements for our Hr and payroll software in Bangladesh

For setting our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh our clients have to full-fill the followings

  • Apache/Nginx
  • Php >= 5.6.4
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
  • Mysql 5.7
  • Hosting Space minimum 10 GB (Recommended for HR & payroll software in Bangladesh)

After-sales support for our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh

  • High priority support is going to be provided up to 2 months of project delivery
  • 24 hours turnaround
  • In this time, you’ll be able to add, amend any aforementioned modules except creating an entirely new section of the system
  • After 2 months it’ll need a maintenance contract

Why does one choose us?

Hr & payroll software company in Bangladesh: Mechanixlab is one of the leading IT company in Bangladesh providing Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh. We are having an experienced team to customize our HR software as per your business need. we’ve got cutting-edge modules in our HR and payroll software in Bangladesh. but these, we are providing the most effective after-sales support for our HR software. Our Hr & payroll software in Bangladesh is exclusive, robust and effective to form you tension free regarding your employees.

When we get a piece order, our team members immediately give a deep dive into the business of the client and understand the business to produce the best-customized HR and payroll software. this is often how we become the leading HR & payroll software provider in Bangladesh. So you’ll be able to surely get the most effective HR & payroll software in Bangladesh from us.

“Choosing an honest option from all the opposite alternatives can change your future, but choosing a foul option can destroy your life” – Quote from Deepak Chopra

Start your Hr & payroll software journey with us

Employee management may be a management system that helps the worker to try and do their best regularly to realize the larger goal of the organization. By proper employee management, a company and therefore the person both can get benefits through proper evaluation and deciding. In a company, plenty of your time spends managing their employees without the correct tools that cost plenty of cash and time. Sometimes this sort of managing tool is pricey, kipping that in mind Mechanixlab built an HR software for small-sized and medium-sized companies who want to spend a little amount and with decent software. during this software, a module named “People” is for employee management. People are a vital part of an organization. Often it’s very hard to manage many folks. But Mechanixlab HR software can facilitate your manage it in a very very easy way. It can facilitate your make a replacement employee profile and facilitate you to create a replacement team for a replacement task. you’ll be able to also manage old teams and might swap members among the teams.

Employee Details: we frequently cannot remember the persons’ ability to try and do a particular job because of less knowledge of his/her background. So, often we put the incorrect person on a wrong task though having a talented person in our organization to complete the task efficiently. It happens because we cannot remember everything about everyone. Our HR Software will show you the workers and their details so you’ll be able to pick the correct person for the correct task. you’ll be able to also monitor who is assigned that work and after they are working.


Compare Performance: Mechanixlab HR software in Bangladesh encompasses a built-in algorithm to check your employee performance; you’ll be able to see that by the graphical presentation. it’s a customized option by which you’ll be able to set the parameters for the performance evaluation.


Recruitment: By recruitment, an organization gets a brand new mind and potential employee who can do the duty more productively. an organization always needs a lively and skilled employee to run that organization. But the recruitment process is slow and infrequently the corporate cannot get a correct plan that whom to recruit and when. Job posting, circulation and linking with job business firms may be done with just a few clicks. You can see who applied for that post, sort them, choose them and recruit your required employee with the shortest time and energy.


Attendance Management: An HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is vital to watch the working hours of an employee to judge him and provides him rewards. But usually, we do this by our instinct, not by the information, so likelihood is that high to form an error on higher cognitive process. Mechanixlab HR software in Bangladesh is extremely effective in monitoring all of your employees’ working hours in an exceedingly day by some effective features. you’ll be able to see when an employee entered the office and after they got out. This data helps to calculate a person’s performance and efficiency. you’ll be able to also put someone on OSD (on special duty) and take remote attendance.


Over Time Management: OT stands for, Overtime. which suggests a person’s extra working hours after regular work hours. By this feature, you’ll be able to see who is functioning OT hours, the person assigned for OT and OT applications.


Leave Management: it’s a typical matter that always someone is on a leave, but at the top of the year it’s hard to inform who was in leave and for a way long. Extra leave is harmful to an organization and no leave or low leave is harmful to the worker. Mechanixlab HR software will facilitate you see the person on a leave and the way much leave quota is offered for him. you’ll be able to also manage leave applications and pending approvals.


Payment Management: Mechanixlab HR and Payroll Management software is simple to use and well-designed software to manage all of your payments both inside and outdoors the corporate. it’s already providing services to small, medium, and huge industries in Bangladesh with trust and reputation. Customers choose us because we are the most effective in HRM (Human Resources Management) software in Bangladesh. Our Payment section covers all types of payment management.


Payroll: Generate payroll for the month with just a click. Tax calculation is inbuilt with the system.


Loan Management: The loan feature covers the loan an employee took from the corporate. It also covers the installment system and payment cuts from the monthly payment. Mechanixlab HR software also helps the corporate to calculate the loan taken from the skin (e.g. Bank, Financial Corporation, etc.).


Provident Fund: We design our HR software for better management of the provident fund for the previous employee. By using this feature, you’ll be able to see and manage the quantity of cash spent on the worker and it’ll be easier to settle the departure of an employee.


Performance Overview: Performance always matters. Mechanixlab HR software in Bangladesh will facilitate your monitor of all the performance. you’ll be able to monitor the performances of individual projects, people, and teams. you’ll be able to view the report and evaluate every component of your company.


Contractual Work: Using this feature, you’ll be able to manage your human resources without including them within the main flow of your company. By this feature, you’ll be able to create jobs, hire new people from Bangladesh or abroad, pay, see pending works and manage contracts.


Configuration: Mechanixlab HRMS (Human Resource Management System) in Bangladesh gives you customized software for your needs. It gives you full control over your company by some clicks. you’ll be able to set the software as your requirement without others’ help, and it’s easy to line the software. you’ll be able to give an announcement, set basic information, customize the setting, set goals and therefore the stuff you must set.

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