HR Software

HR Software

What is HR software: Business Software that helps to manage employee information and HR related tasks can be considered as HR software. In this modern era, most of the organization use some kind of HR software that simplifies and optimizes human resource management in an easy way.

Types of HR software:

Human resource Management software (HRMS): A Human Resource management system is a combination of systems and processes that connect human resource management and information technology through HR software. HR management software can be Used by multiple users without any trouble.

Human resource information system (HRIS): HRIS is a software solution that is precisely used for data entry, data tracking as well as data information requirements of an organization’s human resource management. It also can be used in payroll and book-keeping operation, HRIS usually offered As A database of the company.

Core HR: Core function of the HR department commonly include employee recruitment, scheduling, payroll, compliance and safety. Core HR software is mainly considered as back-end software. Mainly core HR software includes an employee self-service portal. It assists with the administrative side of the employee.

Human Capital Management (HCM): The term HCM can refer both to a business strategy and a set of modern IT applications and other technologies that are used to implement that strategy. The main key features of HCM software are recruitment, on-boarding, training etc.

HR administrative Software: Human resource administrative software that helps organizations plan and ensure compliance with regular activities. This software can be used to employee benefits, such as insurance plans and stock options. Organization also use this program to view and adjust employee benefits.

We Provide: Our Human Resource Management System (HRMS) software is designed for small, medium and high sized businesses. This is easy to use and allows your HR team to start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resources. It will provide you a wide range of solutions that your human resource data management needs. You can access this software from your tablet or smartphone anywhere anytime. Please feel free to contact with us for those particular HR Software.

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