Palliative Care Management

SmartPal is a complete, powerful software solution that enables palliative care service providers with a wide range of clinical and persistent data management. SmartPal ensures instant information and monitoring of the patient from initial referral up towards the grieving process. SmartPal covers all aspects of palliative and hospice care, making your mission efficiently easier.

Key Features:

  • SmartPal Patient:
    Clinical information including referral doctors/Department/Institute
    Personal information
    Symptoms Management
    Diagnosis & associated illness
    Family History
    Personal History & Comp. Therapy
    Socioeconomic status
    Functional Status of patient
    Current Medication
    Pain Assessment
    Psychological Assessment
    Physical Examination
    Relevant Investigation
    Management plan
    Case Summary
    Final Outcome
  • Role Base Interface
  • Reporting
  • Searching

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SmartPal Palliative Care Management Video Demo

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