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Website Design & Development

To catch your targeted customer, attention the website design has a potential impact. So, to make a first impression of your target customer, you need a great website design that ensures an excellent user experience. If you need a brand new website or updating your current website, The MechanixLab is here to help you make a perfect website. Our master in-house; the group uses state of the art innovations and stages like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Magento, Core PHP language, WooCommerce, and more to supplement your business targets and objectives. Our experts are focused on giving inventive web advancement arrangements, going from brand exploration to concept-ualization, creating UX/UI plan, and in the general innovation execution plan.
We give you undeniable site planning with appropriate advancement clinging to web index rules. With our broad experience, we have sharpened the craft of planning an ideal website that suits and accommodates your business needs.

  • Responsive across different screen sizes
  • Visually appealing and functional web designs
  • Streamlined interface for optimized user experience
  • Uniquely designs with cutting edge features and technologies
  • Practical web solutions to take you next level
  • Our expert utilizes cutting-edge technologies and platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Laravel, Magento, Core PHP language, Woo Commerce, and more to complement your business objectives and goals.

Web Application Development

We build high-quality, world-class custom enterprise level single page web applications. That is scalable, responsive, and beautifully made by a great pool of full-stack engineers. Our expert team has provided applications in various domains, such as workflow management, ticketing platform, ERPs and also other online-based solution that is customer-specific needs. The team has responsive design thinking and in-depth-skill in modern technology to make a user-friendly web app. Our application is customer-centric that helps you to grow up your business effectively and quickly.

  • CMS Development
  • Ecommerce Development
  • Node JS Development
  • Angular Development
  • React JS Development
  • SaaS product development
  • Complex application development
  • Microservice Architecture
  • Security & Performance
  • API Integration

Cloud Application Development

Nowadays, cloud applications leading a top role in business growth. It highly minimizes your server installation, maintenance, upgrade and deploying cost. So, We build highly customizable and scalable cloud-based applications using Google, Amazon and Microsoft Azure. Our talent team assists you to grow your business and company.

  • Cloud-Native Apps
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Google Cloud Application
  • Microsoft Azure Cloud Application
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Google Cloud
Microsoft Azure
Cloud Migration and Application Modernization

Cloud Migration & Application Modernization

After migrating a legacy application to a cloud-based application, it will be easy to monitor business growth for both partners without letting them into your firewall. Migration minimizes business complexity and keeps focused on business growth. Application modernization as a part of migration decrease the business interruption and complexity also increase the scalability. So, our modern service extends your current capabilities and minimizes the business interruption that moves you to the first place.

  • Enhance End-user Experience
  • Cloud Migration of Application
  • Increase Scalability and Performance 
  • Migrate & Modernize Business Applications

DevOps & Cloud Support Services

Web application hosting specialist on AWS, Azure, GCP Cloud. We, counsel, plan and convey vigorous cloud arrangements. We expand your group by giving DevOps, security, information insurance, activities backing, and consultancy. Further, develop discharge the board, computerize positioning with demonstrated ceaseless conveyance rehearses, constructs different CI/CD pipelines for your groups. Improve on advancement and arrangement with normalized units of containerized applications.

  • Training and Consulting Service 
  • Application Development & Scripting 
  • Automatic Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment
  • Configuration Management Service to Automated Infrastructure 
  • Configuration Setting up Continuous Monitoring and Log Analysis System
Devops & Cloud Support Services

Testing and Quality Assurance

Our Automation Testing Services are focused at enabling the organizations to augment their release velocity and accelerate the testing process while reducing overall testing effort. With a Team of Seasoned QA Professionals, we deliver unsurpassed Load & Performance Testing to evaluate the maximum load that can be effectively handled by the system being tested. Being one of the meticulous ways of testing software, Manual Testing offers unswerving and highly reliable results. Our experts deliver immaculately outstanding Manual Testing Services. We are experts in performing high-end vulnerability scanning, penetration testing, risk assessment and security auditing for validating the security mechanisms and evaluating their effectiveness. Code Testing ensures that your code is extensible and free if any errors/bugs. Our professionals are experts in performing excellence oriented code verification testing.

  • Manual Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Mobile Testing
  • Automated Testing
  • Performance Testing


User interface and User experience have top priorities everywhere in the modern world as desktop software, mobile application and websites. Even offline product manufacturers are focusing their product design on catching consumer attention. So, you never have another opportunity to establish the first connection. Your product can be good, but a laggy user experience/ interface can cause business loss. Mechanixlab has a great UI/UX engineer to make your product a beautiful smooth design that makes a better user experience. We follow world-class design patterns, workflows, and guidelines to deliver the product within a set timeframe.

  • Wire-frames
  • Web App Design
  • Software Redesign
  • Mobile App Design
On-Demand Team

On-Demand Team

Mechanixlab is proud to be over 11 in-house designers and engineers. Our development skills cover Web, Cloud, UI/UX, and DevOps integration. We follow a unique delivery model that is more flexible, on-demand to ensure professional services. Our quality engineers are always ready to deliver and deploy your project within deadlines.

  • Budget Predictable
  • Flexible Communication 
  • Full Time Dedicated Team 
  • Management Full Control Cover by Team 

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