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Unlimited User

Unlike other companies that charge a license fee per user, Mechanixlab ServiceDesk offers limitless get entry to your total team, so you can all work together without the extra expenses and distractions.

Our Unlimited User Plan offers you get the right of entry to our core suite of the most relied on ServiceDesk management software, so each and everything of your business can be efficient, collaborative, and informative.

Approval Decision Management

Approval Decision management involves all parts of planning, assembling and dealing with the automated decision-making systems using machine learning that an association uses to deal with its collaborations with clients, representatives and providers. Computerization has had an impact on the manner in which organizations are moving toward their decision-making since it expects that they automate more decisions, to deal with response times and unattended activity expected by computerization.
Using the Mechaninxlab approval decision management system simplifies your business workflow and make higher your business outcomes.

Request Management

A service request is a formal request that an employee or a user asks for advice, service or an asset that could be useful in the business day to day operations. For example:
1. A user asking for the graphics card to improve video editing performance.
2. Request for projector setup training for an emergency meeting
3. Service request for purchasing the latest adobe photoshop.

These kinds of service requests need approval from the higher authority, also need to track the request status after being executed.

So, the Mechanixlab ITIL framework based service request management fulfil all the required needs to run this process effortless for maintaining team efficiency and ensuring business success.

Dynamic workflow management

Workflows management are building block of business processes. Workflow management is a series of tasks or activities that are acted in a consecutive way to accomplish an ultimate objective. For instance, the acquisition of procurement is comprised of workflows for buy demand, buy order, and receipt handling. Every one of these singular workflows is comprised of a few assignments like creation, audit, endorsement, and directing to the accompanying system.

Our Dynamic workflow management is tied in with managing and smoothing business workflows for ideal output. Removing repetitive assignments, guaranteeing asset accessibility for all undertakings, and smoothing out task successions are the focal point of workflow management.

Using email notification, the requester will stay up to date about the ticket status changes or services. For example, ticket status can be updated from open to ongoing/closed; priority could be changed from low to high.
So, after creation, everything event that occurs with the ticket. The requester will be notified through email.

this will keep engaging the requester with the ticket status and
It will help to keep business workflow up to date.

End-user is the main service consumer so it’s very important to provide a better experience using service desk application. Initiative End User Interface ensure a distraction-free user experience.
Our ITIL framework based end-user interface follow all the required principles that lead the IT industry for the service desk.

Category and Item Management

Category management is the process of managing categories of the tickets and services where the admin easily can create, delete and update the categories.

For example tickets types like Incident, Problem, Change and Service request category have to manage in one place where category managing will be simple, dynamic and easy.

Mechanixlab Service Desk’s Category management is  easy and user friendly.

Customized Form

Using dynamic form admin easily can create required fields that should be filled up whenever end-users request a service.
Mechanixlab dynamic form creation process is an easy to use, distraction-free tool.
For example:
1. a user requesting a high-end computer for video editing.

this request should provide some information like full name, expecting date and number of approver level etc.

also, granting another request should provide another information then surely need a different request form.
Yet, it’s not hard to manage as we are providing a highly customizable request form in our approval management application.

File and Attachment Management

File and attachment management is the process of organizing, managing and searching data in an efficient way. Therefore an established file management system improves the overall function of a business workflow. Imagine a large company that has several terabytes of important data stored in an unorganized manner in the computer, now trying to find one specific file in a limited time.
This way is very hard to find data that is emergency required.
So, Our interactive file management ensures quick searching, managing, storing that keep your business workflow up.


Service desk reporting of business is the effective way to measure outcomes for identifing the failure or sucess of a customer support system. Nowadays businesses are more data-driven than before for the gathering about analytics and performance management. Using this data visibility as a chart you can improve your service desk’s performance and efficiency. IT service desk reporting is a vital IT service management practice(ITSM) to help businesses for gathering, analyze and present statistics better way. So, reports tell the overall health of the business to take action areas of improvement.

Knowledge Base Management

Knowledge management is the practice of documenting, sharing, reading and accessing solutions whenever needed in an organization. It is an effective way to handle workflow interruption, that helps to find and solve the incident in a business and brings in a working state. It also improves the IT analyst performance, reduces incidents and response times.

User Management

User management is the way of managing user and their account effectively, Giving them access to specific resources in the domain, systems or in a network.

Administration can easily control users, create groups and give permission to resources etc.

In a business, user management is must have required things that should be controlled proper way.

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