Active Directory Account Lockout

MechanixLab Account Lockout tools increase end users experience and faster service delivery by providing real time account  lockout source information to end users and IT Support team via sms and email. End user can unlock his/her account using mobile phone via sms and mobile app.

Key features:

Monitoring & Detect Real Time Account Lockout Info: While account lockout happens will send sms notification to end user and IT Support with root cause and source information

Identification of root cause: Automatically detect the source of account lockout for example Network drive,schedule task,Services,disconnected remote desktop sessions.

Unlock Account by End User: Unlock method is very simple and easy where End user will send sms to unlock.

History & Compliance: Each and every account lockout and unlock event save to database for compliance and reporting purpose

Analytic & Reduce Pressure on IT: IT System Administrator can do analysis and perform action to improve their end users experience in terms more security incident.

Reporting: IT and Support Desk do various kind of reporting for internal purpose


Fulfill SLAs: Business-critical applications often use service accounts. The tool can alert administrators immediately if a service account gets locked, so they can minimize the impact on the business.