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Unlimited User

Unlike other companies that charge a license fee per user, Mechanixlab ServiceDesk offers limitless get entry to your total team, so you can all work together without the extra expenses and distractions.

Our Unlimited User Plan offers you get the right of entry to our core suite of the most relied on ServiceDesk management software, so each and everything of your business can be efficient, collaborative, and informative.

Technical Analyst

IT Analyst analyze all business requirements and recommended appropriate solutions, designs and technology for all data flow to provide effective solutions to all issues to run business flawlessly.

They also recommend efficient modifications to the systems for improving efficiency and reducing the cost of all operations and determining appropriate steps for all IT technologies and assisting in all equipment configurations.

To train all new employees using IT procedures and methods and help compliance to all well-known and technical metrics and provide professional expertise to solve all IT issues.

Unlimited Ticket Creation

Our unlimited ticket creation offers you to run your business and maintain workflow upward as much as possible.

An incident is an unplanned interruption to an IT service.
Incident also have a limited effect on the user or business but it occurs frequently to the employees so it can slow down the workflow and business growth.

For example :
1. An employee can’t send emails.
2. Someone issued that the mouse pointer got frozen, not working.
3. Shows an incorrect password when an employee trying to log in.

So, Mechanixlab provides the best affordable ServiceDesk software for your business needs.

Email Notification

Using email notification, the requester will stay up to date about the ticket status changes or services. For example, ticket status can be updated from open to ongoing/closed; priority could be changed from low to high.
So, after creation, everything event that occurs with the ticket. The requester will be notified through email.

this will keep engaging the requester with the ticket status and
It will help to keep business workflow up to date.

Multi Tenant Support

Multi-Tenant support engineering refers where a single instance of a software application that serves different customers. Every customer is known as a tenant. Tenants might be provided with the capacity to alter a few parts of the application, like create incidents’ tickets or request for services, yet they have limited access to the core suit.

In multi-tenants engineering, different examples of an application work in a common environment. This architecture can work because each tenant physically is integrated but logically isolated; meaning that a single instance will run in on one server and afterwards serve various tenants. Thusly, an application in a multi-tenant design can share information, customer management and different properties.

This means a single service desk software will provide all the requirements to run your business workflow smooth in every sector.


Category Management

Category management is the process of managing categories of the tickets and services where the admin easily can create, delete and update the categories.

For example tickets types like Incident, Problem, Change and Service request category have to manage in one place where category managing will be simple, dynamic and easy.

Mechanixlab Service Desk’s Category management is  easy and user friendly.

Unlimited Request Management

A service request is a formal request that an employee or a user asks for advice, service or an asset that could be useful in the business day to day operations. For example:
1. A user asking for the graphics card to improve video editing performance.
2. Request for projector setup training for an emergency meeting
3. Service request for purchasing the latest adobe photoshop.

These kinds of service requests need approval from the higher authority, also need to track the request status after being executed.

So, the Mechanixlab ITIL framework based service request management fulfil all the required needs to run this process effortless for maintaining team efficiency and ensuring business success.

Service Level Management

Service Level Management is responsible for ensuring the level of service that meets the consumer’s needs. ITIL practice to set clear business-based targets for service performance so that delivered services can be properly monitored and managed.
Using this management can be set service level agreements also that is a predefined agreement between a service provider and a customer that confirm the services required the expected level of service.

Benefits of service level management

  1. Provide a clear idea between business units and IT.
  2. Make sure SLA targets are precise and assessable.
  3. Easily can monitor the level of customer satisfaction and improve them later.
  4. Ensure, the expectations of the level of service that will be delivered clear and be informative.

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