MechanixLab Email marketing is effective, inexpensive and builds good will with customers and reporting system. Any business can start regular send newsletters, design beautiful email template, campaigns and keep in touch with your appreciated customers. With email marketing, your business can build deeper relationships with a wider audience at a fraction of the cost of traditional media.

Key Features:

-Mange own email contact and as well as bulk Email

 Send newsletters, campaign, follow-ups, and individual emails.

– Contact Management Interface helps you to import your existing email address from File and others Source

-Complete history of contact Management

-Rich Text Mail template generation

-Drag and Drop Interface

-Schedule and Triggering

-Mobile Friendly

– Monitor campaign interactions, reactions, contact trends, and more

-Automation of Email Delivery with Reporting

-Integration capabilities with e-Commerce Platform

-Reporting and Analytics

Why MechanixLab:

-Excellence Email Database with specific client area

-Ensure Inbox Mail Delivery

-Professional Consultancy Services

-Zero tolerance Customer Services

– Ensure Customer Data Security and Business Confidentiality

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Mobile: +8801711081630

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