Finance is a broad term that describes two related activities: the study of how money is managed and the actual process of acquiring needed funds. In MonsoonSIM, Finance is one of the core modules. The focus currently is on how money is managed. Eventually, we will also cover the funds acquisition and funds management.

Learners are encouraged to start with the basic module, called Baseline model, and slowly progress to more advanced functionalities.

Here are what you will learn in the MonsoonSIM Finance (Baseline):

  • How transitions are being recorded in the Accounting ledgers
  • How to read financial reports
  • How to trace transactions in the ledgers
  • Concept of asset and liabilities
  • Concept of cashflow
  • Concept of profitability
  • Concept of cost
  • Concept of expense
  • Concept of margin
  • Concept of credit/debit

Here are some of what you will learn in the MonsoonSIM Finance (Advanced):

  • Concept of Accrual accounting
  • Concept of Account Payables
  • Concept of Account Receivables
  • Concept of Foreign Exchanges
  • Concept of Credit Limit


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