Palliative Care Management

SmartPal is a complete, powerful software solution that enables palliative care service providers with a wide range of clinical and persistent data management. SmartPal ensures instant information and monitoring of the patient from initial referral up towards the grieving process. SmartPal covers all aspects of palliative and hospice care, making your mission efficiently easier.

Key Features:

  • SmartPal Patient:
    Clinical information including referral doctors/Department/Institute
    Personal information
    Symptoms Management
    Diagnosis & associated illness
    Family History
    Personal History & Comp. Therapy
    Socioeconomic status
    Functional Status of patient
    Current Medication
    Pain Assessment
    Psychological Assessment
    Physical Examination
    Relevant Investigation
    Management plan
    Case Summary
    Final Outcome
  • Role Base Interface
  • Reporting
  • Searching

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SmartPal Palliative Care Management Video Demo

Our palliative care management software in Bangladesh designed for your success


Mechanixlab palliative care management software recognizes the financial challenges of providing palliative care in today’s environment of rapidly changing payment models, and that we have priced our solution accordingly.

Web-based and mobile

Our solution is device agnostic, so you’ll use the tools that best fit your charting style, including smartphones and tablets.

Easy to use

Mechanixlab palliative care management software provides workflow customizations that help providers specialize in what’s most important: delivering exceptional patient care. Palliative care providers can customize encounter types to fulfill their needs and also the needs of their patients.

Palliative care management software

As the number of patients living with serious or chronic illnesses grows, palliative care is becoming increasingly important. Our palliative care software helps you simplify billing and documentation and target the well-being of your patients.

We offer an ONC-certified solution with palliative care-specific measures and every one required MIPS tracking and reporting. Clinicians value our palliative care software because it gives them quick access to clinical forms, treatment plans, progress notes, assessments and consents on or offline.

Workloads are further eased with CPT codes automatically supported clinical notes, integrated advanced directives and built-in claims scrubbing functionality. Our software supports your clinical judgment and helps you improve the standard of life for patients with even the foremost complex needs.

More features

Palliative care software customized for care providers serving individuals in camera homes, nursing facilities, hospitals, clinics, assisted living and other independent living facilities.

  • Made with the unique needs of palliative care in mind
  • Cloud-based design works with any EHR

An integration engine that empowers organizations to attach with providers across all care settings.

  • Provides one point of access to attach to the larger healthcare ecosystem
  • Reduces costs and improves safety by minimizing redundant or unnecessary treatment during transitions of care

Person focused palliative care management software in Bangladesh providing care coordination, interoperability, analytics, outcomes, risk stratification and recommendation.

  • Addresses care transitions and long-term care needs through person-centered planning
  • Highlights potential gaps in care, critical issues and social determinants of health

Flexible, interactive data visualizations to assist you gauge and quantify your organization’s success.

  • Simplifies data discovery so you get answers faster
  • Customizable performance tracking and clinical assessment data

Referral Manager module in our palliative care management software in Bangladesh connects organizations with referring sources electronically, to automate and incorporate the acceptance or declination process.

  • Quickly and effectively communicate with referral partners
  • Integration with electronic health record simplifies the admission process
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